Fashion is all about breathable fabric and endless comfort. Whenever the term “fashion” pops up we usually think about all the metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc. But with brand Alable let’s broaden our mindset and let’s make even the rural population aware of the trends. Honestly, these days even rural population and small town girls are getting so much aware and making efforts to be stylish at the same time comfortable. Its good news that quirkiness is also spreading through internet. In places like Haryana, Rajasthan and many other tribal or interior regions of India, women are getting acquainted with many different styles and fashion through internet. And the way they carry it is simply stunning as in women wearing bright pink ghagra with a white shirt and some funky jewellery. Best Bohemian trend!


Internet playing is very vital role in educating rural population about fabrics apart from fashion, like how we need to be more sustainable, considerate of environment. These days even many companies are collaborating with villagers and karigars as their partners and giving them chance to showcase and do their best. Isn’t good for our nation? Off course it is!

A rural root has to be the best, because it’s very original and authentic. And Internet is playing major role in both ways, apart from them getting aware to collaborate and learn with big brands. And also big brands receiving all the authenticity. Be it a Sari, or Rajasthan skirt or Orissa’s ikat skirt. This is even trending in metropolitan cities these days. 


The rustic mood from countryside ever fails. Women wearing puff sleeves blouses with traditional chanderi skirts. It looks pretty, gorgeous and at the same time strong. And it’s not growing only in terms of outfits but also in jewellery, traditionally made colorful bags. Such intricately designed and hand woven bags and outfits with love. It brightens any face. Pastel skirts with hand embroidered floral motifs, so trending it is. Fashion game is on point with a smell of wild blooms. Let’s wear the smile of their labor with Alable

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