Are you also a fashion freak? You like to play with colors? Or are you an experimentalist? No matter what you wear or how you style it, it speaks a lot about you. Yes, it’s true that the way you dress up reflects your entire personality, it reflects your character. Whatever clothes you wear on your daily life is quite influential, because you are what you wear. We at Alable, is sharing how your clothes represent your personality. Sometimes we are too busy to choose our outfits, because life is very busy. Or maybe you are a hardcore fashion freak that you dress according to what’s trending in world’s best fashion magazines, or possibly you are very easygoing person who can wear anything. Whatever clothes you put on speaks very boldly. Because fashion is nothing which we follow knowingly or unknowingly.

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One thing we want to take care is of environment or surroundings while being fashionable. So we all have to be mindful how we dress up, what kind of clothes or fabric we choose. We do take care of our personal style, so here is a pro tip - take a picture of your outfit every single day and keep it in a log or post it. It’s going to make huge difference in your style.   The way we dress up shows in what kind of mind state we are in. Just like weekends are meant for some glam outfits for some people but others prefer to chill in their sleepwear and tees. Whatever it is, we all prefer some comfort zone in the end of the day. Easy breezy vibe with a touch of glam shows you are a subtle personality. On the other hand some people are too much of denim vibe, which shows that they are quite an extrovert.

These days according to research, those who prefer blouse are quite sophisticated with a tint of refined charm. And then there comes the people who wear anything and carry it very nicely regardless of their looks. It shows how confident and ambitious they are.

Then there are people who are highly attached to their clothes. It shows how sentimental and emotional they are for the things they own. Well, everyone have their own preferences some go with the pastels or floral which shows how feminine they are. The there are some people who prefers power dressing just like a boss woman it shows how bossy and workaholic a person is. So, somewhere and somehow we all differ in very special ways and our attire speaks louder about it be it our psychology or habits or who we are. How interesting isn’t it?

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