So today we at Alable thought of sharing something different to all ambitious individuals who want to slay and leave most important impression on their important day. Not just to impress the interviewers by your professionalism but also to look and feel confident. The sense of style we prefer you guys to go in an interview is “classy yet chic”. It’s always better to overdress rather than under dress, just wear what makes you feel confident at the same time comfortable. So here we go with few tips and tricks for your upcoming interview.


  1. A well fitted suit- well, the idea of suit never fails. It’s professional, chic and classy. But make sure that you go for a perfect fitted blazer and fitted pants for a complete sleek look. If you want to wear an oversized blazer make sure that you wear a dress or a pencil skirt with a pastel shirt underneath, to complete the look. Well, apart from that we also wanted to give you some color guidance for interviews, keep the color neutral such as beige, black, grey, white or pastels. Don’t wear anything which is too shiny or poppy. A nice blazer signals some business seriousness kind of look, which is required too.
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  2. Heels/shoes – well, apart from power dressing we also need to keep in our mind that for interviews we are not supposed to go that edgy. But instead you have to maintain very professional and subtle look. So we would suggest go for smaller or kitten heels rather than wearing stilettos. It would really elevate your classy look. So just go for a plain black heel or nude colored heel. If not too comfortable in heels, the go for leather shoes. Oh, and make sure that your shoes are well polished not dusty at all. Because shoes/ heels matters a lot.
  3. Hair and make-up – yes, you read it right, hair has to be maintained well for a neat and clean look. Well you can go for a bun or ponytail if you have long hair. But we would also suggest that you could put your hair down, cleanly brushed and free flowing to give an air to the hair rather than going for a really tight bun. And also stick to nude or bronze make up look, don’t go too shiny or glittery. But go for makeup, no makeup look. And you can also add up a nice leather watch, that doesn’t mean it has be crazy expensive and all.
  4. Go for good pencil skirts- modest and off course in black or charcoals, navy. Make sure that you go for fully tailored skirts and shirts. Do not wear anything short or cuts. Keep everything super clean. Do not wear sheer stuffs and if you are concerned about your stomach lining coming on your skirts please wear some seamless pants or tummy tuckers, it can work wonders.

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